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Date Added: April 03, 2018 02:43:39 PM
Author: Howard Kauper
Category: Entertainment: Movies
On the warm spring day, the photographer moved the rifles and cannons out to prepare for spring memories. Every friend who loves photography has a common habit: When you see beautiful moments, you can't help but press the shutter more than a few times. When it comes to selection, which one is not willing to delete. From different perspectives, feelings and feelings are different. As a result, the photos in your hands have become more and more, it has become the best storage option. Nowadays, 1Tu0026 3.0 is not expensive. Pick a suitable one to prepare your photo shoot masterpiece! Less than 460 yuanu0026nbsp; Jingdong hot 1Tu0026 3.0 mobile hard drive Hengping u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;According to the current market situation, there are many storage tools, memory cards, mobile hard drives, solid state drives, hard drives, and so on. The memory card is relatively small in space and is suitable for shooting. Long-term storage is not realistic. Solid-state hard disks and hard disks are not very convenient to use. Mobile hard disks are easy to carry, have a large space, and are convenient to use. They are most suitable. Choose cost-effective mobile hard disk data u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;In recent years, the competition in the field of mobile hard disk is also very fierce. In addition to speeding up the launch of high-speed products, various special features make users feel more secure in choosing it. This brings a lot of confusion to consumers. Another thing that confuses users is that prices are quite cheap now. The prices of the original and the brands are almost the same. Which one is better? Today, the author chose Jingdong's hot-selling and less than 460 yuan variety of mobile hard drives for comparison to see who is best for you. u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;In fact, for storage products, the first factor most consumers think of is price. Here, starting from the price, select several products that are highly concerned in Jingdong Mall and look at their performance. ----------Price articles---------- u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;Here I have selected 6 products that everyone knows well: the new Western Digital Elementsu0026nbsp;, Yijie G90u0026nbsp;1TB, ​​Toshiba Polar Bear 1TB HDD, and TOSHIBA Kyle Sharing Series 1TB HDD. , Seagate new core product 1TB mobile hard drive, Seagate new Core wing 1TB mobile hard drive, the price situation as shown below: Appraisal product Jingdong quotation u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;In the past, we have also tangled in the choice of OEM mobile hard drives or branded products. Now the price is so similar that this trouble is saved. From the product picture in the above figure, each product is fully designed to take into account the visual sense of consumers, and each brand at this point did not make less effort. u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;Now most 1TBu0026nbsp;prices are between 400-500 yuan, which is already a very cheap rhythm. When all brand prices are similar, users begin to worry again. Then let's take a look at how fast each product performs. ---------- Speed ​​---------- ●u0026nbsp;Low-level test: HDu0026nbsp;Tach HDu0026nbsp;Tach read speed test does not depend on the file system, the curve performance is basically equivalent to the hard disk internal transfer rate test. It embodies the idealized hard disk speed. Its extension is approximately a reflection of the bufferu0026nbsp;tou0026nbsp;disk item in the disk performance table. In real applications, there is very few opportunities to reach this height. u0026nbsp; Seagate new Rui wing USB3.0 HDu0026nbsp;Tach Contrast Summary: HDu0026nbsp;Tach is a commonly used memory testing tool. In this test, the average read speed of each mobile hard disk has reached 80MB/s, reaching the benchmark speed performance of the USB3.0 interface. In contrast, the two Seagate products performed quite well. u0026nbsp; ---------- Speed ​​---------- ●u0026nbsp;Low-level test: HDu0026nbsp;Tuneu0026nbsp;Prou0026nbsp;v4.60 HDu0026nbsp;Tune is a hard disk performance diagnostic test tool. It can detect hard disk transfer rate, burst data transfer rate, data access time, CPUu0026nbsp; usage rate, health status, temperature, and scan disk surface. In addition, the firmware version, serial number, capacity, cache size, and current transfer mode of the hard disk can be detected in detail. u0026nbsp; Seagate windows 10 usb backup image Plus HDu0026nbsp;Tune read speed test contrast HDu0026nbsp;Tune write speed test comparison Summary: In HDu0026nbsp;Tune's test, each product's performance is quite stable, reading and writing speed is not far behind. Among them, Seagate's new Core Blade has the most outstanding performance.


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